Self-driving vehicles have the potential to bring vast benefits to humanity, but the only way to fulfill this promise tomorrow is to build trust in the technology today.

The Hyundai-Aptiv Autonomous Driving Joint Venture develops world class production-ready autonomous driving systems (SAE Level 4). The joint venture leverages Hyundai Motor Group’s design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise and Aptiv’s autonomous driving software stack to commercialize a platform for robotaxi providers, fleet operators, and automotive manufacturers. Our team’s expertise in autonomous driving can be traced from our R&D roots at MIT and Carnegie Mellon, where we showcased our autonomous technology in the DARPA Grand Challenge and DARPA Urban Challenge, to our present-day commercial operation in Las Vegas, which has provided more than 100,000 self-driving rides to members of the public.

Today, our global team is dedicated to delivering safe and reliable robotaxis that will make roads safer and improve mobility worldwide. We’re committed to designing for people; for families that need to get their children to school safely; for elderly passengers who need continued access to mobility; and for urbanites who, more than ever, have a choice in how they get around cities.

Headquartered in Boston, the Hyundai-Aptiv Autonomous Driving Joint Venture has operations in the US and Asia. An official name for the new joint venture will be unveiled soon. Stay tuned.

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